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Bonus #1: YouTube Cash on Demand


Bonus #2: Teespring Warrior

Bonus #3: 11 Retargeting Hacks


Bonus #4: 12 Premium SEO WordPress Plugin


Bonus #5: Passive Email Riches


Learn how you can achieve 50% open rates & 30% click rates from all your emails.

Bonus #6: CPA Commission Takeover


32 page eBook, jam-packed with information and my exact blueprint for crushing it with CPA marketing.
How to easily get into a CPA network.
How to choose the hottest offers and create a high-converting campaign.
How to get easy first page rankings and passive CPA profits.
How to set up a successful CPA campaign in 24 hours.
And much more…

Bonus #7: Ultimate Ebay Guide 2015


In this guide to drop shipping on eBay you will learn everything you need to know from how to get started to selling like a Pro. You will learn all of the best Chinese Drop Shipping websites that all the big sellers are using, including examples of products that will make you hundreds of dollars at a time. You will also learn the best way to list your items, telling one of the biggest tips no other guide will ever tell you.

Bonus #8: 101 WordPress Tips and Tricks


Bonus #9: 60 Second Backlinks Business In A Box


The ebook was written by a seasoned ghostwriter with over 12 years experience, and focuses on building dynamic, powerful backlink campaigns that will FLOOD your website with FREE targeted traffic, forever! Over 40 pages of content included!

Bonus #10: FB Admin


Bonus #11: Youtube Bully 2 Case Study


If you would like to finally know the secrets of how to get top Google rankings and create the income you deserve.
This case study will show you exactly how it’s done.In the Youtube Bully 2 Case Study, you will learn
How To rank high on Google for very competitive keywords.
Why Youtube videos are so much easier to rank than regular websites.
Why video marketing is the easiest way I have found to make money.

Bonus #12: TeeSpring Clever Cash

Learn how you can spring into 2015 moolah by setting up a simple tee spring campaigns.
My step by step process of how to successfully set up a profitable tee spring campaign.
How to pick and find the best and most hidden niches with very little to no competition.
A pro tip that allows you to spy on the successful and profitable campaigns of your competitors.

Bonus #13: Ultimate Digital Launch Pack

Complete Re-Branding rights to our hugely popular, high-converting WordPress Plugin Software. This beautiful 5-in-1 software lets users easily create dynamic, animated full page pop over forms on their WordPress pages and posts. You get access to this software to re-name and sell as your own product and keep 100% of the profits.

Bonus #14: YouTube Marketing Made Easy

Would you like to position your offline or online business for a whole new level of success while dominating the latest and most effective YouTube marketing techniques all in just a few hours?

Bonus #15: Rapid Video Funnels

10 done for you video powered sales funnels that generate windfalls of customers, sales or clients on demand.
You’ll get 10 of my most profitable video funnel templates so you can replicate my best performing sales funnels, campaigns and promotions in your own business.
Follow my proven formulas and get results today.

Bonus #16: Video News Jacker

Bonus #17: Tube CPA Loophole

Bonus #18: WordPress Mistakes

Based on 7+ years of experience with WordPress. Avoid The Deadly, Stupid, Profit Crushing WordPress Mistakes.

Bonus #19: WordPress Armor

Quickly and easily protect your wordpress sites with these amazing security secrets that will stop hackers dead in their tracks.

Bonus #20: Social Bookmarking Backlinks

Bonus #21: Graphics Blackbox

Grab your graphics design solution and shortcut.
367 brand new and original graphics for your website.
For a total of 20 modules

Bonus #22: Teespring Business Autopsy

Bonus #23: YouTube PowerSlam V3

How to tweak your YouTube account setup for faster ranking.
The keyword research you need that gets results quickly.
If you are just starting out – this course will get you to the top fast.
If you are a successful video marketer you will learn new skills that will have at the top of your game.
How to get hordes of laser-targeted visitors to your websites.




  1. Get Product through any link on my review page
  2. After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: [email protected]
  3. You will receive these bonuses within 12 hours